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MMA: Rapid gains, market prices break new highs – supply of cracking materials drastically decreased, and new material demand gr

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The overall trading environment of the domestic methyl methacrylate market is becoming more and more intense and fierce.  The overall supply side becomes more and more tense. Under the background of the overall market, the overall offer price is difficult to find, and the market continues to push up and operate at high levels. Some time ago, the overall market price of methyl methacrylates in China rose to an uptrend. The buying atmosphere of the market was mostly bought by middlemen, and the buyers were heard. The actual orders of downstream terminal manufacturers mainly used orders before the Spring Festival. Buy more than just replenishment. However, with the recent domestic domestic production of methyl methacrylate, the actual start-up load factor has been actively increasing the operating trend, and the enthusiasm of the actual single inquiry has become more intense and the purchasing atmosphere has been significantly boosted. The overall supply of methyl methacrylate in the overall market maintained a tighter trend and the market price continued to rise at a high level. At present, the high-end transaction price of the methyl methacrylate secondary market in East China is above RMB 20,800/tonne; the high transaction price of methyl methacrylate in the secondary market in South China has pushed up to RMB 22,000/tonne. The overall market enquiry and trading enthusiasm are strong. The overall market supply of methyl methacrylate in the market will become more and more tense in the afternoon, and the market price may be pushed up by high prices.
First of all, after the foreign garbage is banned from importing, the domestic pouring board industry purchases a new material of methyl methacrylate and the atmosphere is positive and positive.
After the foreign waste was banned from importation, many domestic raw material procurement channels for the production of the raw material for the production of methacrylic acid cracking materials were restricted.  Therefore, the purchase of methyl methacrylate for the new material had to be increased. The actual procurement ratio has been significantly improved, so the overall market demand for methyl methacrylate in the domestic market has been significantly boosted recently. Domestic methyl methacrylate cracking materials are mostly used in the pouring board industry. The downstream of the industry mainly consists of advertising display boards, polymer products, handicrafts, furniture and many other fast-moving consumer goods related to people's daily lives. Therefore, in the field of pouring slabs, the overall consumption in China has grown rapidly. China is currently the world's largest market for pouring slabs, and well-known foreign companies have all exported to China.
China's pouring plate production capacity can reach 600,000 tons/year, and the overall production capacity is affected by the rapid development of the downstream terminal demand area, with an average annual growth rate of 8% to 10%. The overall domestic production capacity of methyl methacrylate cracking materials for these products reached nearly 300,000/year in the early stage, but due to the fact that some of the production enterprises in this industry have environmental protection factors that are not up to standard, high pollution, and low output, and they are prohibited from importing foreign garbage and Affected by environmental protection and other factors, the actual production capacity has been reduced by nearly 150,000 tons/year since recent years. Affected by this, in 2018, it is expected that the reduced output of methyl methacrylate return will be much greater than the sum of new methyl methacrylate production capacity in Shandong. Affected by this, the overall supply level of the methyl methacrylate market has continued to be tense recently!
Second, the domestic downstream manufacturers of methyl methacrylate have gradually increased the start-up load. The preliminary raw material orders were basically consumed this week, and the terminal was in urgent need of replenishment.
In the early stage, the initial end-user load of methyl methacrylate in the early stage still maintained a low load, and the actual production mainly used the early-stage inventory. With the recent gradual increase in the operating load factor of downstream manufacturers of methyl methacrylate, the basic consumption of raw materials in the early period has been substantially exhausted, and the overall purchase and inquiries atmosphere has become more active. In addition, the overall supply surface of methyl methacrylate is increasingly affected by the shutdown maintenance. Therefore, the price of real transactions in the market continues to push up the trend, and low-cost sources are difficult to find.
Third, the recent domestic overhaul of the methyl methacrylate production company has gradually come to an end. The supply is relatively low, and the market price continues to push up.

MMA: Rapid gains, market prices break new highs – supply of cracking materials drastically decreased, and new material demand gr