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The company convenes a seminar on cadres' work in the first half of 2018

In order to enable the company’s management and key staff to truly realize the spirit of the annual meeting and reach a consensus on achieving the 2018 operating goals, the company conducted the “Energetic, Solid Work, and Efforts to Complete Annual Target Mission” on March 2 and 5 as the theme. Work seminars. General Manager Wang Qinghai attended and chaired the meeting.Each of the deputy heads, department heads, and management backbones attended the meeting.
The participants discussed the national security and environmental protection situation,focusing on deepening the safety and environmental protection, the production capacity target landing, how to decompose the company and the department signed the target responsibility book, and how to protect and promote the implementation plan on the system and other aspects, and proposed to reach Assumptions and advancement measures for various work goals.
General manager Wang Qinghai made a summary of the meeting. Mr. Wang pointed out that in 2018, the market for methacrylic acid and esters had reached the best in the past 10 years, which created a good opportunity for development for us. We must take the completion of this year's business mission as our ultimate goal. We must demonstrate new conditions and reflect new things in the new era to ensure that we achieve new performance and new development. General Manager  Wang stressed that in 2018, the company’s management and key personnel must adjust their thinking patterns, correct their attitudes, and do a good job of all tasks in accordance with the company’s management system. They must truly form closed-loop management; “Doing good work is the job and bad work is "Due to dereliction of duty," we must have the determination to "know shame and be brave"; work focuses on implementation, implementation focuses on details; and the comprehensive management department must follow up each week to determine the implementation of various measures.
Finally, Mr. Wang once again emphasized the concept of “safety and environmental protection over production” and required the heads of various departments to immediately take action to solve the typical and outstanding problems, and to protect the company’s security and green development.





The company convenes a seminar on cadres' work in the first half of 2018