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Qilu University of Technology teachers and students visited the company

On March 8th, a team of 113 teachers and students of the Chemical Engineering and  Technology Program at the 2016 Heze Campus of Qilu University of Technology visited our company.



During the visit, Mr. Zhang Qingming, the Deputy General Manager of Anhuan Central, first explained the changes and management of the national safety and environmental protection concepts to the teachers and students in the multi-functional hall of the Comprehensive Building, which enabled the students to understand the history of the management and development of the national safety and environmental protection; The status quo allows everyone to fully understand the management of chemical companies, especially safety and environmental protection management, and strengthen the confidence that they will choose or engage in the chemical industry in the future.



Next, Li Shanlong, director of the production workshop and manager of the production technology department, introduced the company's production and operations, major products and markets, and production process flow to the teachers and students. Then, under the leadership of the workshop director Li Shanlong and deputy director Guihua Jun, the students visited the second phase of the Holley production plant. During the visit, the two workshop directors gave a patient and detailed explanation on the questions raised by the students, which enabled the students to have a basic understanding of the production process of the MMA and the operating principles of the relevant equipment.



After an afternoon of visits and exchanges, students at Qilu University of Technology not only had a thorough understanding of the company's production operations and development prospects, but also had a preliminary understanding of individual employment planning and design. After the visit, the students expressed that the visit had opened up their horizons and enriched their knowledge. In particular, the company's beautiful environment, advanced technology and standardized management left a deep impression on the teachers and students. Our company will also take this as an opportunity to further strengthen the school-enterprise cooperation relationship and expand the reserve resources of human resources.

Qilu University of Technology teachers and students visited the company