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2017 annual summary commendation ceremony victory held

On the morning of February 10, 2018,  the company's 2017 awarding ceremony was held successfully in the multi-purpose hall of the comprehensive office building. The conference was chaired by deputy general manager Zhang Qingming. The conference summarized the work of 2017, put forward specific goals and plans for the work of 2018, and commended various types of advanced employees in 2017.
The General Assembly held a new term of office (2018~2020) for the reappointment of middle and high-level  cadres of the company. The general manager Wang Qinghai issued a letter of appointment for the newly appointed middle-level and high-level cadres and signed the 2018 annual target responsibilities. Li Yuzheng represented the middle-level cadres representative who took up the posts. Made a statement. The conference also commended various types of advanced technology.  MAO workshop Wang Minghui and other 2 people  won the 2017 annual "safe production advanced individual" title, MAO workshop B class won the "safety production advanced class group" title, quality research and development department Liu Lijuan and other 10 people won the 2017 With the title of “Excellent Employees,” the company’s leaders issued certificates and bonuses for various types of advanced employees. Zhu Hailong made speeches on behalf of outstanding employees who were honored.
General manager Wang Qinghai made a work report on the "2017 work summary and the 2018 work plan." The report comprehensively summarizes the achievements of all aspects of the company's work in 2017: safety and environmental protection work as a whole is controlled, production, sales and material consumption have created the best level in history, the second phase of the project has been completed and put into operation and has already formed normal batch sales, capital operation Taking a solid step forward, employees’ sense of acquisition has been continuously improved and new progress has been made in internal control management. The report also points out the shortcomings in 2017 work. 2018 is a crucial year. We must seize market opportunities and fully fulfill our production and management tasks. General Manager Wang also put forward specific advances in safety and environmental protection, production and management, promotion of employees, new project construction, and three-level management. Claim.
Chairman Chen Xinjian made an important speech at the conference. Chen Dong interpreted the current macroeconomic environment and industrial policies of the country and pointed out that safety and environmental protection are the company's lifeline and must be done in any case. This is a requirement that the state and society have made to companies, especially to invigorating companies. It is precisely because of the country’s emphasis on safety and environmental protection that it gives companies such as us the opportunity to adhere to the concept of safe development and green development. Chen Dong also conducted an in-depth analysis of the company's main product technology advantages of methyl methacrylate, methyl allyl alcohol and methacrylic acid, and focused on analyzing the comparative advantages with competitors. It is believed that in 2018 and in the coming years, the development of the company is full of opportunities. It is hoped that all employees will make concerted efforts to contribute their wisdom and strength in the process of company development and share the development results in the process of company development. Finally, Chen Dong deeply thanked all the staff for their hard work in 2017!

2017 annual summary commendation ceremony victory held